Part-Time Competitive Program

PART TIME Competitive Program


Our Part-time competitive program will be the perfect stepping stone for many dancers who want to explore the world of competitive dance and challenge themselves even more in their dance training but without the commitment of the full-time program. 

Dancers in the part-time program will have a set number of classes depending on what disciplines they are interested in (maximum 5 classes- Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Step & Hip Hop). These classes will be scheduled on Friday evenings (Step & Hip Hop) and Sunday afternoons (Ballet, Jazz & Acro).
The routines they learn in these classes will be performed at local area competitions only (no out of town travel) as well as at recital, giving the dancers more performance opportunities over the year.  Dancers interested in Part-time competitive must attend an audition. 

A copy of the Part-Time Competitive Handbook will be ready and available at the front desk.
This Handbook will outline the general expectations of the programs as well as estimations of costs and commitments.