FREE Try It Classes


Week of May 23rd - 27th

Come out and try some of our most popular classes absolutely free of charge! These classes are open to new and existing students!

Come dance with us and have fun! There is no limit to how many classes you can try.




Here are some FAQ's regarding next week:


Q. Can my child attend any class that week? 


A. As long as it is the correct age level then yes they can try any class that week.  Please don't over do it and have them try EVERY class. This will be overwhelming to them and also take up space for others. 


Q. My Child has never taken a dance class OR a certain type of class(jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop etc). What do they wear?


A. Comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in (t-shirts, tank tops, leggings etc). Formal dance wear is also okay if they already have it. For hip hop, clean non marking running shoes are best, all other classes can be done bare feet or in socks if you don't have proper dance shoes for that discipline.


Q. Do I need to register my child for one of these Free Open Classes?


A. We do not require a formal registration. You can just show up to the class you wish to attend!


Q. Where do parents go during the classes? Can we watch?


A. Parents will not be permitted to watch these classes. We simply don't have the space to accommodate that and it would be a hazard. We encourage parents to drop off and then run an errand or grab a coffee and then return. The lobby can only seat a few people and those seats should be left for parents of very young children who need to remain on the premises.